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Teddi, Reimbursement Specialist

There are many amazing things about Teddi Cantrell, the newest member of the Infusion Solutions reimbursement team. Perhaps the most amazing is that in a lifetime of full-time work, she has held exactly four jobs. Her work history is as follows: the gastronomic giant Royal Fork (2 yrs), the iconic northwest fashion retailer Jay Jacobs (22 years), the national home infusion corporation Option Care/Walgreens/Option Care (19 years), and now, locally owned and operated Infusion Solutions!

This demonstrates incredible loyalty and dedication, which is an unusual trait in this day and age. The Bureau of Labor suggests that the average adult by age will have held 10-12 different jobs by the age of forty. Teddi’s preference is to find a job she loves, and participate fully until circumstances necessitate a change. This allows her to develop a deep understanding of her work and to become a true expert in her field, which is a huge asset to any team. We are delighted that circumstances have led her our way, and are thrilled to have her and her nearly 20 years of home infusion experience working on behalf of our patients!

Teddi was born and raised in the northwest. A lifetime of rain has led her to mandate annual trips to Hawaii, and now she has her sights set on a trip to Italy as well. When not at work, she also enjoys boating, golf, walking their behemoth Black Lab Cole (115 pounds!), and running. She runs consistently with a group that meets weekly, and sprinkles in several 10-15K events throughout the year to keep her in tip-top shape. But most of all, Teddi enjoys attending live music events. It is not an understatement to say that she will see 25-30 live shows throughout the year. She reports her favorite is officially The Eagles/Doobie Brothers concert she and her husband saw at Safeco Field when they threw down for 12th row seats–pretty sweet! Bruno Mars at the Gorge is a close second…

Teddi is married with two grown children. So far, nothing but grand-puppies, but she eagerly awaits the day for a grandchild to enter their lives. She is detail oriented and fashionably hip, and thinks that she might be able to access some retro Jay Jacobs outfits for our next company party. We are incredibly excited to have her, and hope that this is the last stop on her work voyage.