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Infusion Solutions Inc


The Nursing Team

Infusion Solutions Staff

Rowena Birnel, RPh

Infusion Solutions is owned and operated by Rowena Birnel, a 1988 graduate of University of Washington School of Pharmacy. Rowena’s pharmacy career includes seven years as an investigational drug coordinator and ambulatory care pharmacist at the Seattle VA Medical Center. She has 15 years experience working in the home infusion industry for two national home infusion providers.

Rowena is proud to be a part of a highly motivated and talented team of professionals whose focus is quality and personalized patient care. She is excited about the opportunity to provide the community a local and accommodating option for home infusion care.

Raised in Bellingham, Rowena enjoys an active northwest lifestyle with her husband and three sons. Her pastimes include spending time with her family, her pets, racquetball, playing and coaching soccer, hiking, boating, baking and reading.

Rowena is a board member of two non-profit organizations, the Meridian Youth Soccer Club and the Washington State Junior Racquetball Board. She has also recently joined the board for the National Home Infusion Association in 2018.

Becca Swaen, RN

Becca is the Director of Clinical Services at Infusion Solutions.


Abby Ferreira, PharmD/RPh

Abby is a clinical pharmacist responsible for monitoring patient therapy, ensuring the quality and accuracy of medications, and collaborating with physicians and nurses to optimize patient care.

Abby has been working in the pharmacy field since 2002. She received her Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2008 from University of Iowa. Abby moved to Bellingham in 2008 to work at a locally owned community pharmacy as a retail and compounding pharmacist. After a few years in the retail setting, she decided to move on to a clinical position at Infusion Solutions, where she could provide more direct patient care. Abby has completed the Home Infusion Pharmacy Certificate program through the National Home Infusion Association. She spends her free time hiking, skiing, and kayaking with her husband, her two children, and their two dogs. She is thrilled to be a part of a locally owned and operated pharmacy, where patients can know and trust their healthcare providers.

Jeff Bunney, RPh

Jeff Bunney, RPh is a clinical pharmacist at Infusion Solutions. Jeff is a 1997 graduate of the University of Washington Pharmacy program. He has a great deal of both home infusion and retail pharmacy experience, which makes for a well-rounded and savvy pharmacist. He is excited to be back in the home infusion realm, working for a locally owned pharmacy that puts patient care first.

Jeff is an audiophile with a great selection of eclectic music, and has a buttery smooth golf swing. He is an avid Seahawks fan and dominates his Fantasy Football league(s).

Jennifer Harbick, PharmD

It takes a village to raise a pharmacist.

Fun fact: municipalities of less than 500 people have to be chartered as villages in Missouri, so our new pharmacist, Jennifer Harbick PharmD, did in fact spend her childhood in a village. She grew up in Josephville, MO (pop. 300-ish), just east of St. Louis. She and her 3 siblings spent their time outdoors, running barefoot, driving tractors, tending to the crops, and doing the necessary chores on their family homestead. As a result, Jennifer developed a strong work ethic that has served her well throughout her life.

To wit: at 16, she took the advice of her brother-in-law (who was in the drug wholesale business), marched into the local K-Mart Pharmacy, and basically demanded a job. This proved pivotal in her life path as she now set her sights on science and pharmacy. She graduated from high school and immediately enrolled in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. She commuted 65 miles one-way (uphill, in the snow…) everyday, worked at the local Walgreens pharmacy, and eventually graduated in 2001 with her PharmD. Dedication!

While in pharmacy school, she had a rotation in Anchorage, which opened her eyes to the West. When a recruiter for St. Joseph hospital called, she jumped at the chance and ventured to Bellingham to work in the hospital. From there, she opened and managed a Walgreens in Bellingham, then moved into home infusion with Option Care, where she worked from 2006-2017. Jennifer is now here at Infusion Solutions, and feels blessed to have the opportunity to do the work she loves. She very much enjoys the collaborative clinical environment, and the ability to really get to know the specialty drugs that are the cornerstones of infusion therapy.

Jennifer is married with two kids, ages 9 and 6. They have an active family life that involves church, school, scouts, theater, camping, boating, and more. If time allows, Jennifer loves to read and spend time gardening and cultivating their 5 acre property, re-creating the village of her youth…
We love her precision, thoroughness, and expertise, and feel she is a great member of the team.

James Houston, PharmD

James is a Pharmacist at Infusion Solutions.

Ingrid Donnelly, PharmD

Ingrid is a pharmacist at Infusion Solutions.

Jana Schmella, PharmD

Jana is a pharmacist at Infusion Solutions.

Rebecca Smith, RD

Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian at Infusion Solutions.

Shyloh, RN

Originally from California, Shyloh spent some time in Florida before ultimately graduating from Anacortes High School. After that, she attended Skagit Valley Community College (Whidbey Campus) to begin her nursing studies, graduating with an LPN degree in 2007. She then spent an additional two years at Bellingham Technical College to obtain her RN degree.

Shyloh spent numerous years working in long-term care and rehab facilities before joining Infusion Solutions in 2013. She was thrilled to have an opportunity to pursue a position that combined her love of infusion nursing and her desire to help people stay at home to recover from illness.

When not at work, Shyloh enjoys spending time outdoors, walking with her husband and dog, and photography.

Rachael, RN, BSN

Rachael is an registered nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Diana, RN

Diana is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.


Lindsey, RN

Lindsey is a registered nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Lynn, RN

Lynn is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Liaison at Infusion Solutions.

Jennifer, RN/CRNI

Jennifer has been a nurse for over 30 years. She spent the early part of her career at Swedish hospital in Seattle, where she developed a well rounded nursing skill set. She then moved up to the Bellingham area, and did a wide variety of nursing including stints at the hospital, a skilled nursing home, and home health. About 5 years ago, she discovered the home infusion niche, and was immediately drawn to it’s unique challenges and opportunities to grow. She has dedicated herself to this discipline, and even obtained her CRNI (Certified Registered Nurse of Infusion) credentials two years ago…on the first try no less! This is no small feat and demonstrates that Jennifer has a vast infusion knowledge base and great clinical skill.

Jennifer is a Bellingham native and a proud Sehome High gradute. Her two older sisters went into nursing, and so it seemed logical for her to follow down that path. She has made her way back to Bellingham to raise her two kids, aged 27 and 17, and to adopt as many animals from the Whatcom Humane Society as possible. That list includes 3 dogs and a bird at this point, but that is subject to change.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys walking all those dogs, sewing, hiking, and more.

Trisha, RN

Trisha is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.


Jayme, RN

Jayme is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.


Kathleen, RN

Kathleen is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Kelly, RN

Kelly is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions

Summer, RN

Summer is an RN at Infusion Solutions.

Shari, RN

Shari is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Janel, RN

Janel is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.


Sheri, RN

Sherri is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Jeremy, RN

Jeremy is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.


Molly, RN

Molly is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Sela, RN

Sela is an Infusion Nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Julie, RN

Julie is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Jen, RN

Jen is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.

Ashley, RN

Ashley is an infusion nurse at Infusion Solutions.


Vanessa is a Patient Care Coordinator at Infusion Solutions.

Breanna, Scheduler

Breanna is a clinical coordinator at Infusion Solutions.

Mary, Scheduler

Mary is an RN coordinator at Infusion Solutions.

Marc Ambers, Pharmacy Technician

Marc is a Pharmacy Technician here at Infusion Solutions.


Lisa Schneider, Pharmacy Technician

Lisa is our newest Pharmacy Technician. She grew up on the east coast, working in the family pharmacy and riding her horse. She attended college in Salem, West Virginia, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree that did not include pharmacy studies.

Pharmacy reappeared on the horizon many years later when the business she was working for suddenly closed and moved to China. A federally funded program that helps people train for new careers became available with course studies that included Pharmacy Technician. After graduating from Skagit Valley College, she worked at a custom compounding pharmacy hoping to learn those skills. Now that she has transitioned to Infusion Solutions, she is looking forward to building her sterile compounding skills and learning the home infusion business. Lisa reports that she really likes it, if for no other reason than we are keeping her busy…and she likes being busy!

Outside of work, Lisa spends time with her husband, their herd of dogs and cats, and of course, her horse. She continues to actively ride and thoroughly enjoys time spent around all these majestic animals.

Nicole, Pharmacy Technician

Nicole is a Pharmacy Technician at Infusion Solutions.

Amara, Pharmacy technician

Amara is a Pharmacy technician at Infusion Solutions.


Steve, Purchaser

Steve is a purchaser at Infusion Solutions.


Deana Johnson, Reimbursement Manager

Deana is the Reimbursement Manager at Infusion Solutions.


Karen, Reimbursement Specialist

Karen is a well-rounded and talented addition to the Infusion Solutions team. She has had a diverse work history, including physician liaison for two hospitals, dental assistant, and para-educator (her favorite, of course!) Additionally, she has is a licensed pharmacy technician and has a history of medical billing, so she can do just about anything around here. Currently, her focus here at Infusion Solutions is on intakes and authorizations.

Karen was born and raised in the Bay area, one of three children. She is married and has three kids of her own, and by all accounts the family is very close. Karen worked a little bit while raising them, but mostly she volunteered in hospitals and the classroom while the kids were young. She was very active in this regard; her daughter Christine (who also works for us in Reimbursement) reports that she cannot recall a time when her mother was not in her classroom. And Karen’s ability to whip up snacks, brown bag lunches, and meals for a hungry group of kids is legendary. To this day, Christine’s friends (now all grown up) still want to hang out with Karen, probably because she fed them constantly all those years. Suffice it to say, Karen is kind, gracious, and very pleasant to everyone she encounters. Our patients and referral sources will certainly like her.

Outside of work, Karen likes to garden, travel, kayak, cook, and spend quality time with her family. They don’t have any dogs at present, but that is going to change once they find their ideal spot here in Whatcom County. I am hoping that once they find their dream location, she will have me over for dinner.

Welcome Karen!


Allison, Reimbursement Specialist

Allison is an Intake Specialist at Infusion Solutions.

Tom, Intake Specialist

Tom is an intake specialist at Infusion Solutions.


Lindsey, Authorization Specialist

Lindsey is an Authorization Specialist for Infusion Solutions.

Theresa, Reimbursement Specialist

Theresa is a Reimbursement Specialist at Infusion Solutions.

Derek, Reimbursement Specialist

Derek is a Reimbursement Specialist at Infusion Solutions.

Annie, Reimbursement Specialist

Annie is a Reimbursement Specialist at Infusion Solutions.


Kathleen, Reimbursement Specialist

Kathleen is a Reimbursement Specialist at Infusion Solutions.


Lauralee, Reimbursement Specialist

Lauralee is a reimbursement specialist at Infusion Solutions.

Laura, Reimbursement Specialist

Laura is a Reimbursement Specialist at Infusion Solutions.

Mike, Warehouse Manager

Mike is the Warehouse Manager for Infusion Solutions.

Arvind, Pharmacy Assistant

Arvind is a Pharmacy Assistant at Infusion Solutions.

Nick, Deliveries

Nick is a delivery driver at Infusion Solutions.

Wes, Deliveries

Wes is a delivery driver at Infusion Solutions.

Ron, Deliveries

Ron is a delivery driver at Infusion Solutions.

Rose Montoya, Reception

You will hear a new voice when you call Infusion Solutions, and that voice you hear belongs to receptionist Rose Montoya. Her pleasant and polite tone is an excellent first impression; you see, Rose is one of those people that seems to smile when she talks, and that is conveyed even over the phone.

Rose has been doing this for quite some time, which explains her professionalism and proficiency. Most recently, she worked for a competing home infusion company here in town for 12 years. Because of this background, Rose can do much more than direct phone calls, and so we are keeping her busy with a plethora of office projects. Literally every department at Infusion Solutions is grateful for her contributions. Additional work experience includes reception work at a wide variety of retail operations, and being the friendly face that customers come to know and love.

Outside of work, Rose stays busy with her husband of 30 years tending to their 5 acre homestead and keeping up with her 14 grandchildren. She claims to be simple and boring, but anyone who has ever zip-lined, or braved the Grand Canyon Skywalk (1000 foot drop!) has to have at least a taste for adventure. Additionally, her “unchecked” bucket list includes a trip to Spain and a visit to the 911 memorial in NYC…all in all, I’d say Rose is anything but boring.

Teresa, Reception

Theresa is a receptionist–and Spanish translator–at Infusion Solutions.


Taryn Knutsen, Office Manager

Taryn is the Office Manager for Infusion Solutions.


Chuck Loos, Account Manager

Chuck is the Account Manager at Infusion Solutions.  He started his adult work life as a high school biology teacher, and also has a background in medical sales and marketing from his 7 years as a pharmaceutical representative with GlaxoSmithKline.  He has enjoyed the transition into the home infusion realm, as he truly believes in the value of home infusion and the positive impact it has on patients’ lives.

Chuck was born and raised in South Dakota, the fourth of five boys. His childhood was a huge jumble of family, friends, sports, hunting, and food–lots of it. There was always someone around, and always something to do, not all of it parent-approved. Nonetheless, he survived high school and went to Gonzaga University on a golf/academic scholarship. Initially eyeing medicine, he switched course and ended up with a dual major in History and Philosophy. Upon graduation, he moved to Colorado to ski and try his hand at being a rock star. That…did not work. So he got his teaching credentials and began a career in education back in Rapid City, his hometown.

When the family relocated to WA state, Chuck found that his teaching credentials were limited, and his options poor. He then sought a new career, in pharmaceutical sales, which got him into the field of medicine. Now with Infusion Solutions for going on 10 years, he feels like a true veteran.

He is married with 2 children, ages 21 and 15.  They have a dog and a cat, and a great big garden. In his spare time he enjoys spending quality time with his family, the entire spectrum of outdoor recreation, and playing music in various bands.

Andy Hutchins, Account Manager

Andy is the newest member of the Account Management team, focusing his attention on Snohomish and King Counties. He was born and raised in the Midwest, which explains his calm and pleasant demeanor. Put him on the baseball field, however, and that calmness turns into a steely resolve to strike you out with a 95 MPH heater–up and in. He played collegiate level baseball for four years, worked as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital, and ultimately graduated with a biology degree.

Andy spent the next 20 years in Minneapolis, working for UnitedHealth Group, and also gained valuable work experience in both the PBM and health technology sectors. He received his private pilot’s license and instrument rating, as aviation has been a lifelong passion for him.

Fed up with the harsh Minneapolis winters, Andy and his wife were looking to move. Throughout his work life, he had travelled to the northwest to visit clients, and always loved the beauty of the area. To test his mettle, he and three of his Midwest buddies successfully climbed Mt Rainier, and the view from the top sealed the deal. Pacific Northwest, here we come!

He has been a valuable asset for Infusion Solutions, with his multi-faceted background in the healthcare space. He enjoys making a positive impact on patient lives, and appreciates the opportunity to work with case managers, physicians, pharmacists, and other members of the care team to make the Infusion Solutions experience as great as possible.

When not working, Andy enjoys travelling, saltwater fishing (Florida Keys, anyone?), and taking in all that Washington has to offer such as wineries, islands, and amazing foods. He loves to hike, and has summited four more Cascade peaks since his initial excursion up Rainier.


Don Birnel
Don Birnel, Co-Owner