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Infusion Solutions Inc

Serving Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish, and North King County from two convenient locations:

Bellingham Office
134 Prince Avenue
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Everett Office
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Infusion Solutions Inc


At Infusion Solutions, we want to make referrals as simple as possible for the entire health care team.

Please choose from our referral forms below and fax the necessary information to us at (360) 933 – 1197 to facilitate a swift and easy referral process.

If you would like us to create a customized order form that would better meet the needs of your practice, please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate that request.

F302 - Remicade Physician Order Form115.7 KiB
F303 - IVIG Physician Order Form104.2 KiB
F304 - Antibiotic Physician Order Form33.8 KiB
F306 - TPN Physician Order Form36.7 KiB
F307 - Zoledronic Acid Physician Order Form95.3 KiB
F309 - Iron Physician Order Form66.6 KiB
F310 - Solu-Medrol Order Form31.9 KiB
F311 - Infusion Solutions Referral Form334.4 KiB
F313 - Stelara (for Psoriasis) Order Form78.9 KiB
F313a - Stelara (for Crohn's Or UC) Order Form120.5 KiB
F318 - PCA Order Form33.7 KiB
F319 - Octreotide Order Form31.6 KiB
F325 - Hydration and Hyperemesis Referral Form204.8 KiB
F334 - Intrathecal Pump Order Form37.3 KiB
F344 - DHE Referral Form312.0 KiB
F350 - Ocrevus Physician Order Form36.5 KiB
F351 - Tysabri Physician Order Form93.0 KiB
F358 - Entyvio Physician Order Form94.1 KiB