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Infusion Solutions Inc

COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Information for Providers and Patients


We are treating all risk tiers. (Updated 5/2/2022)

For Providers:

  • You can find our printable order form on our website under the “referrals” tab, or here:
  • Fax order form and patient demographics/insurance information to our office at 360-933-1197
  • Please note: we are NOT offering exposure/prophylactic monoclonal antibody infusions at this time
  • To avoid treatment delays, please make sure you include all the necessary information on the order form:
    • Insurance information/copy of insurance card / SSN if known
    • Height, weight, and allergies
    • Current Medication list
    • Date of symptom onset, date of COVID positive test, and vaccination status (if known)
    • Appropriate eligibility criteria checked.

General expectations for patients:

  • Once we get an order from your provider, we will call you and confirm that you are interested in moving forward with the infusion. Medicare established the cost of this infusion, which is $450. If you have Medicare (or Medicaid), you are fully covered. If you have commercial insurance, this will be billed to your plan, and your specific co-pays and deductibles will apply.
  • At this time, we are only offering monoclonal antibody infusions for COVID positive patients, so you MUST have a COVID positive test result. We are currently not offering this infusion for prophylactic exposure to COVID 19.
  • Our goal is to schedule you between 24-48 hours from the time we make initial contact with you. Please understand that we do our best to meet this expectation. Multiple calls to our office do not help to expedite your time slot—we are prioritizing patients based on CDC guidelines and do our utmost to fit everybody in accordingly. Please be patient and let our staff do their work with minimal disruptions. We will call you!
  • Once scheduled, you will receive a COVID pre-screen call on the day of your infusion. Please answer your phone to save treatment delays.
  • The infusion takes place either at your home or at our Bellingham office, which is located at 477 W. Horton Rd.
  • The appointment is approximately 1.5 hours long, 30 minutes for iv access and the infusion, followed by 1 hour of monitoring afterwards. This is a one-time infusion, designed to help your immune system better fight off COVID 19. There is currently only one monoclonal antibody  approved for Emergency Use: bebtilovimab. We are following guidance from the WA State Department of Health and the FDA.
  • Please reach out to our office at 360-933-4892 if you have further questions. Thank you!