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Serving Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish, and North King County from two convenient locations:

Bellingham Office
477 W Horton Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226

Everett Office
5929 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA 98203

Infusion Solutions Inc


With Nurses Week fast approaching (May 6-10), I am thinking about all of the hard work our nurses do on behalf of patients. I came across this article and think it is very insightful. Please take a look! Nurses Week Stress Test Registered and Vocational Nurses make up one of the largest groups of employees … Read more


Every patient that comes on service with Infusion Solutions is given the opportunity to give us feedback when it is time for them to be discharged. They can do this on-line, or they can fill out a paper copy and return it to the office. However they choose to do it, we are grateful for … Read more


EVERETT BUILDING WELCOMING COMMITTEE! INFUSION ROOM #1 Infusion Solutions is proud to announce that we have opened a new office in Everett, WA in order to better serve the infusion needs of patients living in that geography. Our original location in Bellingham remains the central hub of Infusion Solutions; all calls and faxes are still … Read more


Congress finally made some progress towards providing home infusion services to Medicare patients back in 2017 when they passed the 20th Century Cures Act. They opened up the opportunity for patients with heart failure, cancer, and the immunocompromised (billed under Part B) to get services through an agency such as Infusion Solutions. Patients love this, … Read more


Each year, we reach out to our referral partners and ask them to fill out a satisfaction survey. We do this in order to satisfy the requirements of our accrediting body (ACHC) and in order to get better–it is our number one priority to ensure our patients and referral partners are happy. We could not … Read more


Cortney Howell is our newest addition to the Reimbursement Team. She could not have come at a better time–her 18 years of infusion reimbursement experience will prove invaluable to our ever-growing business. Cortney’s childhood was full of motion and movement. She was born in New Orleans, but her father’s law enforcement work moved the family … Read more

Infusion Solutions Hires a New Pharmacist

It takes a village to raise a pharmacist. Fun fact: municipalities of less than 500 people have to be chartered as “villages” in Missouri, so our new pharmacist, Jennifer Harbick PharmD, did in fact spend her childhood in a village. She grew up in Josephville, MO (pop. 300-ish), just east of St. Louis. She and … Read more

Infusion Solutions Hires a New Nurse

At morning report recently, I noticed a new nurse in the room. I was surprised at how at ease she was, contributing to conversations and cracking wise like she had been at Infusion Solutions for a long time. I liked her right away–she just fit in and understood how to integrate herself into the group … Read more