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A brief bio of Talia Rayne must include several references to her life’s true passion, opera. In Italian, opera literally means “work”; so at Infusion Solutions, Talia’s opera is that of a Reimbursement Specialist. Her fundamental tasks here are to accurately bill our commercial and military insurance partners. Her addition officially makes the Bellingham reimbursement team a “quartet” (literally, a “four-piece”).

Talia was born and raised in the Fresno, CA area. She describes the “scena” (scene) as hot and agricultural. If you have ever eaten vegetables or fruit in your life, chances are it was grown within a hundred miles of her childhood home. Talia is a “solo” (one) child, and was home schooled until high school. She ultimately graduated from a charter high school in 2012.

After high school, she enrolled at Fresno State and studied music for a year, but then decided to change course. Seeking rain, she relocated to Bellingham WA to begin her life’s “second act” (portion), that of a opera “diva” (star). Besides it’s propensity of moisture, Bellingham also happens to be situated between two fairly large opera markets in Seattle and Vancouver BC. She threw herself into the art, took voice lessons, served as understudies, and landed some actual paying opera gigs. This is the “culmonare” (culmination) of her life’s work thus far, a great achievement that began as the “angel on top of the tree” in her kindergarten Christmas Pageant.

As with many art forms, it is difficult to make a living singing opera, so Talia decided to go back to school to obtain a degree that could help pay the bills. She ultimately chose Bellingham Technical College, and in 2018 she graduated with her Medical Coder’s certificate in 2018. She then took the additional step to obtain the very rigorous AACP (American Association of Professional Coders) credentials. She is truly a talented and proficient asset to the team. “Bravo“! (awesome!)

Outside of work, Talia continues to hone her opera skills, and continues to audition and land roles in operas throughout the region. She loves to read (has read the fourth Harry Potter book 28 times), swim, ride bikes, make jewelry, and hang out by the “belissima” (beautiful) ocean. Ultimately, she would love to be able to work, travel, and sing, seeing the world through a series of beautiful operas and “encores” (again).

Welcome Talia, we are glad you are here. Infusion Solutions will always be your “claque” (a group of people in the audience who applaud wildly)!