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Serving Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish, and North King County from two convenient locations:

Bellingham Office
477 W Horton Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226

Everett Office
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Infusion Solutions Inc


Every patient that comes on service with Infusion Solutions is given the opportunity to give us feedback when it is time for them to be discharged. They can do this on-line, or they can fill out a paper copy and return it to the office. However they choose to do it, we are grateful for those that take the time and energy to provide us with insight on how to do our work better. It is invaluable for our continued growth.

The 2018 patient satisfaction results are now official, and the results summarized below. The one category that we watch is whether or not our patients would refer us to friends and family; this represents “overall patient satisfaction” to us. And we are happy to report that in 2018, 100% of patients would in fact trust us to care for their friends and family. this is the FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW that we have gotten 100% in this category, and for that we are absolutely thrilled! It takes an entire team of qualified, dedicated, and hard working employees to achieve this time and time again. Kudos to all the staff who make Infusion Solutions great!

In an attempt to standardize data collection for the home infusion industry, the National Home Infusion Association has asked infusion providers across the nation to all use the same questionnaire. We think it is valuable and important to do this data collection, in part to demonstrate value when speaking to insurance companies, medical systems, and legislators who may be in a position to improve access to home infusion for the patients they serve. Thus we adopted the NHIA survey, and the questions are listed below.

Here are the 2018 Results in total:

1. The home infusion equipment was clean when it was delivered.  99%

2. The home infusion equipment worked properly.   99%

3. The home infusion medications and supplies arrived before I needed them.   99%

4. I knew who to call if I needed help with my home infusion therapy.   100%

5. The response I received to phone calls for help on weekends or during evening hours met my needs.   99% 

6. The home infusion nurse or pharmacist informed me of the possible side effects of the medication.  97% 

7. I understood the explanation of my financial responsibilities for home infusion therapy.   100%

8. How often was each staff courteous? RN/Pharmacy/Billing/Delivery  100%

9. How often was each staff helpful? RN/Pharmacy/Billing/Delivery  100%

10. I was provided and understood instructions for: hand washing/how to infuse medications/how to care for central line/how to store meds and supplies/how to operate infusion equipment.  100%

11. I was satisfied with the overall quality of services provided.  100%

12. I would recommend this home infusion company to my family and friends.  100%

WOO HOO! Great job to the entire Infusion Solutions team, and many thanks to all the patients who entrust their care to us!